Literacy Support

Literacy difficulties are experienced by children who might struggle to make progress at school with pre-reading skill (phonemic awareness), reading, hand-writing and/or spelling. Childhood development is complex and not all children will move at the same pace, but some of the most important factors to consider when a child is struggling to learn literacy skills are to see if difficulty is being experienced in one or more of the following areas:

  • Phonemic awareness skills (the ability to identify, segment, delete and blend sounds in words)
  • Identify and create rhyming words
  • Blend a string of sounds together to make a word
  • Separate individual sounds from words
  • Decode sounds in words for reading
  • Relate the sound to a letter shape and write it
  • Understand the meaning of individual words
  • Remembering a string of words and understand their meaning within a sentence
  • Relate different sentences to each other.

Our Literacy Support programme incorporates explicit, direct, systematic, and multi-sensory instruction in reading and spelling/writing, as well as any underlying processing difficulties. We use evidence-based methods including a synthetic phonics approach combined with techniques from Lindamood Bell® Learning Processes, as part of our support programme. It is through this combinations that we see results in:

  • Automaticity in phonological processing, to hasten word attack skills and the ability to self-correct
  • The ability to remember sequences of letters, to develop sight word recognition
  • Fluency in contextual reading (through increasing speed of phonetic processing and developing sight words)
  • The ability to remember words for spelling
  • Improved reading comprehension skills

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Literacy Groups

Reading aloud to your child has proven to be one of the most valuable activities that you can do develop your child’s language and literacy skills and encourage them to have a love of reading for life. These groups are available for all families based on your child’s age. For more information click here.