Intensive Support

Ethos can provided intensive services for children and adolescents who require additional support that cannot be provided in a mainstream educational setting. We use a child centred learning approach that works towards meeting the individual needs of each child. Learning goals for each child are established through individual support programmes developed in collaboration between educational and specialist staff and families.

Ethos employs behaviour specialists, communication specialists and occupational therapists to support our children to ensure that they can engage as effectively as possible with the curriculum. Our specialists are pivotal in ensuring that all children have the communication and sensory supports in place in the classroom so that all learning opportunities can be maximised.

Communication, functional skills and social and emotional learning are embedded through all aspects of our programmes. Our small class sizes allow teachers to have one-on-one time with each child so that they will always feel included in lessons.

We provide a caring and challenging environment that enhances learning, personal growth and well-being for all children.

Ethos Intensive Support Programmes operate in three different areas: Early Intervention, Extended Support and Transitional Support.

Each of these programmes are run at our centre on a full-time basis.

Early Intervention

The early childhood years lay the foundation for all future development. Extensive research shows that early intervention services can greatly improve the outcomes of children who may develop more slowly than others, experience setbacks, or develop in ways that seem very different from others.

Ethos Early Intervention support programme focuses on helping children between 2 and 6 years of age to learn the basic skills that typically develop during the early years.

Ethos Early Intervention focuses on:

  • Building social skills
  • Developing emotional regulation skills
  • Enhancing functional communication
  • Fostering foundational play, imitation and relationship skills
  • Building everyday functional skills and behaviours
  • Building child strengths and self-efficacy
  • Preparing for school transition
  • Establishing foundational skills for task approach, learning, organisation and independence.
  • Understanding and managing behaviours of concern and teaching functional alternatives
  • Building flexibility and adaptability such as coping with changes, doing things in another way, and problem solving
  • Enhancing family resilience

This programme runs five days a week and children may attend for a full day or a half day.

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Extended Support

Ethos Extended Support offers a fulltime programme for children with additional needs that cannot be supported in a mainstream educational setting. We aspire to provide dynamic learning programmes based on current research and best practice. The curriculum is delivered in an engaging and meaningful way with the emphasis always on purposeful activities which encourage the transference of skills to everyday situations and maximise the independence of each child.

Our main aim is to make school a fun and engaging environment where children feel comfortable and enjoy learning. Children are respected as individuals and are encouraged to engage in a range of learning experiences in order to extend their interests and skills. Communication development is a high priority, enabling children to further express themselves through gesture, speech, and visuals. Foundational skills such as dressing, toileting, eating and looking after their own belongings are an important focus in order to support children to develop age appropriate independence skills.

Children learn key social skills including working within groups to develop turn taking, waiting and walking together. Excursions are directly tied to our classroom curriculum and help to consolidate learning and enable children to transfer skills into other environments. Functional learning outcomes are planned for each child in all curriculum areas, such as Mathematics, Literacy and with the development of interpersonal skills that are challenging and achievable; allowing all children to experience success. Our Occupational Therapist, Behavioural Support, Psychologist, Communication Specialists, Specialist Teachers and Assistants work collaboratively to adapt and extend this programme to ensure children are continually developing their skills and abilities.

Ethos Extended Support Programme is for children between the ages of 7 and 15 years. This programme runs five days a week and children attend for a full day. Sessions with specialists can be built in to your child’s individual programme as needed.

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Transitional Support

Some children may require intensive support for a short period of time to assist them with transitioning to a mainstream educational setting. Whether your child’s challenges are behavioural, social or academic, our specialists are able to develop an individualised programme that will focus on helping your child make this transition successfully.

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