Include Me

The continuing development of Vietnam means that is becoming more accessible to international families and that local families have the means to provide private education to their children.

Educational providers are being approached to accept children from a wide range of educational and cultural backgrounds who have a variety of support and learning needs.

This move towards inclusion, but many organisations are not yet ready to make this move towards inclusion at either an operational and/or personnel level. Teachers taking up positions in Vietnam are generally young, have limited experience and are highly transient. These teachers do not necessarily have the exposure or knowledge to effectively support children with different learning needs.

Many educational environments have grown organically with their expanding population and are not always accessible or have all of the resources to accommodate a range of children’s needs.

Ethos is working with schools and families to help children be included in educational and community activities.

  • School Success Programme: Helping children enter mainstream schooling by providing oversight to programmes and advocating for children.
  • School Success Assistants: Trained assistants who provide full time support for children in the mainstream classroom, help them participate in activities and make the most of the learning opportunities.
  • Towards Inclusion: Consulting with schools to help them move their practices to become more inclusive.
  • Admissions Consulting: Working with schools to develop procedures and policies for determining a child’s support needs and requirements for inclusion in the school. Includes training for non-teaching staff on understanding different needs. Use this training as a way to bring about and communicate change within your organisation