Group Support

In group based support sessions, we work with your child and other children on their shared concerns. Our groups usually consist of a maximum of eight children. We carefully select children for each group based on their age, ability, strengths, weaknesses and personality to ensure that children have an appropriate and suitable group experience.

Group programmes can help children to:

  • Develop and practise their skills
  • Connect with and feel supported bu other children
  • Consider other children’s thoughts and feelings
  • Normalise their own thoughts and feelings
  • Put their problems into perspective, and
  • Learn about other children’s strategies for dealing with concerns.

Ready, Set, Prep!

Ready, Set, Prep! Is an individualised school readiness programme designed to support your child’s transition to primary or elementary school. The Ready, Set, Prep! Programme specialist will meet with you and your child to set specific goals, ensuring the programme is designed to address your child’s specific needs. Ready, Set, Prep! Sessions are fun and engaging. Your child will learn new strategies, develop social skills, and be gradually exposed to the various demands of school.

The programme is suitable for children who are starting Grade 1 in the next school year and who require additional support to prepare them for this transition, or children who are currently in Grade 1 and are experiencing difficulties coping with the demands.

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Imaginarium encourages the value of engaging in pretend play. Children engage in play scenarios, interact with their peers and use their imaginative skills. Children watch adults playing and are then encouraged to construct their own stories in play. Children are able to select from four play activities and play alongside their peers with the support of the Specialist. At the end, children return back to the group to discuss what they played. A reporter is selected each week and they are asked to talk about the play and ask their peers which activity they enjoyed. This programme helps children to build creativity and sequence their ideas and actions through play. This also supports their language development, social skills, cognition, problem solving and literacy.

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Brick By Brick Club

The Brick By Brick Club is a fun and positive social space for children to learn, practise and master social skills and develop social confidence. Children engage in collaborative LEGO building tasks while developing skills such as cooperation, turn taking, sharing, compromising, problem solving, creativity, following and giving directions, and using appropriate verbal and non-verbal communication.

The group is suitable for children aged 7 or older who enjoy playing with LEGO and would benefit from the opportunity to practice social skills in a small group environment.

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SociAble Kids

SociAble Kids uses the Superflex programme to help children develop and use social skills. Superflex is a social thinking program created by Michelle Garcia Winner, and follows on from the Social Detective programme (link to Social Skills Support). Superflex  is a fun and motivating, superhero-themed group programme. The children act as superheroes and use their flexible brains to feel self-empowered to overcome their enemies such as ‘Rock Brain’: someone who isn’t flexible and can’t consider others’ opinions. Superflex  helps children with social skills deficits to be aware of their thoughts and social behaviours and to develop strategies to be more flexible in their thinking and to feel empowered to self-regulate their social behaviours. The programme includes content such as:

  • Being aware of and challenging our thoughts and behaviours
  • Understanding how our brains work and process social information
  • Behaving in ‘expected’ ways instead of ‘unexpected’ ways
  • Regulating emotions
  • Considering other people’s thoughts and feelings
  • Listening to, paying attention to, and helping others

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Cool Kids Anxiety

Cool Kids is an evidence-based treatment programme for children and adolescents who have anxiety. There are three programmes suited to particular age groups:

Cool Little Kids – ages 3 to 6 years

Cool Kids – ages 7 to 12 years

Chilled – ages 12 to 17 years

The programme was developd by Macquarie University, Australia and employs Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) techniques as its base. Research based on the programme shows that 8 out of 10 children who complete the Cool Kids programme showed clinically significant improvement.

In the Cool Kids programme, children actively participate to learn practical strategies and skills to manage their anxiety. They learn about feelings and anxiety, how to think more realistically, how to fight fear by facing fear, how to solve problems and how to be assertive. Parents participate in the programme and assist their child be reinforcing the new strategies and skills at home.

These programmes are delivered over 10-12 sessions of one hour.

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The aim of the EmotionAble group is to improve your child’s emotional understanding and regulation, reduce harmful and problematic emotional behaviours and improve your child’s functioning at home and in their educational setting. We help your child to understand their thoughts, feelings and needs and provide your child and your family with strategies and skills that help them manage these while ensuring their underlying needs are met.

We use evidence based cognitive behavioural therapy and techniques depending on your child’s needs, such as:

  • Thought challenging
  • Emotional regulation
  • Problem skills training
  • Exposure therapy
  • Mindfulness and relaxation

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Study Without Stress

Heavy workloads, high expectations and not enough time for relaxation can make the senior school years stressful. The Study Without Stress programme gives senior year students the skills they need to study and perform in exams more effectively and with less stress.

The programme explores why and how the body reacts to stress, how unhelpful thinking, perfectionism and procrastination may be sabotaging performance, and discusses the importance of social and physical pursuits to maintain balance. It gives senior students the tools to change the way they view school and exam stress as well as tips for dealing with work avoidance, unrealistic expectations and exam anxiety.

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