All About Me

Ethos is focused on supporting child development. We place your child at the centre of our services and we help to build up the support systems around them. This is All About Me.

As the number of children with different learning needs increases within the educational system, our approach is targeted at ensuring that the systems that support them are capable of working together effectively and efficiently.

A child develops within the family, community and educational systems. In order for a child to be able to move through life independently those around them must be able to understand their needs and adapt to the changes that occur as they grow.

All About Me is aimed at helping your child do what every other child is doing. We believe that consistency and constancy are key to helping your child develop. Everyone that is involved with your child should be using the same strategies all of the time, in all settings. This is the best and quickest way to move your child forward.

In order to build this system of support around your child we offer three areas of service: Know Me, Understand Me and Include Me. Each of these service areas build our knowledge and understanding of your child at home and at school so that we can provide the appropriate support and help them experience success.