Our support services take a developmental approach. This means we understand your child’s behaviour and presenting concern within the context of their developmental stage, relationships and environment. For this reason, we meet with parents first to gain an understanding of your concerns and formulate an initial support plan. In most cases, it is considered essential to work with parents as well as your child to ensure a collaborative and meaningful approach to change.

Our support programmes focus on developing foundational social, emotional, communication and adaptive skills, managing behaviours of concern, and enhancing family resilience. , we will devise a support programme oriented toward the goals you and your child want to achieve. This individualised programme is designed around using your child’s strengths to build on the areas where they are challenged.

We assist children by helping them understand their experiences and by providing them with the skills and insights necessary to overcome their challenges and maximise their strengths. We emphasise the vital role of parents and caregivers and work with them to develop a shared understanding of the presenting concern and their child’s strengths and support needs. We also work with schools and other professionals involved in the child’s care to develop a shared and collaborative approach.

We recognise the importance of knowing that you and your child are in safe hands. That is why, when you first make contact with us, you will be able to explain your concerns directly to our Psychologist. They will then remain your primary point of contact at Ethos through any subsequent assessment until a support programme has been developed.

Throughout the course of an assessment or support programme, it may be helpful for a member of our team to visit your child’s educational setting. Observations of behaviour, social interactions and academic work may be undertaken to inform an assessment or to provide further information for support programmes and goals.

Our aim is to identify each child’s needs and work with you to set achievable goals, which we use to benchmark progress. We do not advocate open ended treatment plans – we believe in delivering treatment with clear goals that we are accountable for achieving within set timeframes. We therefore normally recommend treatment sessions in fixed blocks (usually no more than three months at a time) after which we assess progress before making any recommendation for further support.

One-to-one support sessions focus on specific skill development at our centre, at your home or at your child’s educational setting. Our team of specialists are skilled at working with children. During a session, our specialist guides your child through fun activities that are subtly structured so they are constantly challenged but always successful.

Support of any difficulty is never a once a week approach, to be truly effective it needs to be an around the clock approach, incorporating home and your child’s educational setting along with the support sessions. Our specialists will work with your family and the teachers who interact regularly with your child to explain their challenges and teach techniques and strategies to work with them.

We believe that our role is to equip you and your child with the skills needed to become as autonomous as possible – ultimately independent of, and not dependent upon, the help we provide.