Family Support

Adjusting to being a new parent and to the ever-changing developmental needs of your child as they grow into adulthood is a challenging job. We often hear parents express uncertainty or a lack of confidence in how to manage some of the challenges it presents. We are passionate about supporting individuals and families through the dynamic experiences of growing together.

At Ethos, we listen to parents and the research that tells us that nurturing and training parents, and strengthening parent social supports, not only enhances parent well-being but leads to the best outcomes for their children too. To this end, not only do we offer expert support services for your child, but we offer Family Support and support groups specifically for parents.

Family support can assist you with developing insight and awareness into the way your child views the world around them. Family Support can assist you to learn a range of strategies to manage your child’s individual needs. Ethos Family Support takes into account your family’s dynamics and values, incorporate your needs within the family unit as well as information provided by our other specialists and your child.

Family Support is an integral part of all of our support programmes. The role of our Family Support Coordinator is to be the main link between your family and Ethos.

Each session with you is carefully planned to ensure you are equipped with specific strategies to handle issues within the home environment and to discuss any questions or concerns you have related to your child, their support and your family. You are then encouraged to complete suggested activities at home to assist in developing and generalising skill development.

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