Accept Me

Administrative personnel are often the first point of contact families have with an educational provider. They are the face of your organisation and should be able to gather information to assist with making the decision as to whether or not a child should be accepted to a programme and effectively communicate your support services to prospective families.

Generally, administrative personnel perform these duties with a limited understanding of how a child’s differences can affect their learning and participation, or how they need to be supported within a classroom. This often results in children being accepted into a programme when the educational provider may not have the capability to support them effectively.

Providing administrative personnel with training in identifying and understanding children who have different learning needs will assist with streamlining the decision making process and ensure that those children who require support are able to access this.

Training administrative personnel in how to sensitively gather information and communicate with parents ensures that any decisions that are made are done in a manner that promotes the best interests of the child and your organisation.

Understanding and Identifying Different Learning Needs will provide administrative personnel with the confidence to represent your organisation and your programmes to all prospective families.

Accept Me is comprised of three modules:

  • Module 1: Child Development and Differences
  • Module 2: Identifying Support Needs and Working With Families
  • Module 3: Practicum

The Accept Me training programme targeted at administrative personnel, such as admissions, sales and marketing and other non-teaching staff. This programme is most effective when paired with the Accept Me consulting service.

Ethos specialists can work with your senior staff  and administrative team to design your policies and procedures for admitting children to your programmes. This includes designing questionnaires for families, semi-structured interviews and ‘testing’ materials for children that can be used in your admissions process.

Once these policies and procedures are in place, this training programme will ensure that all non-teaching personnel understand and are capable of implementing the new practices.

Ethos staff will be able to provide ongoing observation, supervision and feedback to all personnel to ensure the fidelity of the process.

Individualise, Extend, Enhance

Ethos training programmes can be individualised to suit the needs of your organisation. Use these courses as a base programme and make changes to suit the age range, the time frame and budget you have to work with. Ethos would be happy to meet with you to discuss your needs and work with you to develop a programme to suit the needs of your staff and organisation.

We can also assist with conducting an initial survey of personnel to identify their current level of understanding and where they feel they require further development. Assessments can be included in the training programme to meet specific criteria that your organisation may have.

Ethos can work with individual teachers who have a child with different support needs to help them develop a differentiated curriculum, make suitable modifications to the learning environment and implement sensitive inclusion practices in their classroom.