Ethos is focused on supporting child development. We place the child at the centre of our services and we help to build up the support systems around them. We try and put ourselves in the child’s shoes, making it  

All About Me

We believe that consistency and constancy are key to helping a child develop. Everyone that is involved in a child’s life should be using the same strategies, all of the time, in all settings. This is the best and quickest way to bring about success.

In order to build this system of support around a child we offer three areas of service: Know Me, Understand Me and Include Me.

Ethos provides services throughout Vietnam in both English and Vietnamese. We work with children from 12 months to 18 years.

We see our service as being primarily educational. We believe that change is brought about through knowledge. Knowledge leads to understanding. Understanding fosters inclusion. With inclusion children are given the opportunity to succeed; opportunities that are often closed off due to a lack of skill and confidence in being able to support a child’s needs.

Know Me

Know Me is Ethos assessment services.  It is the initial step that needs to be taken to help a child achieve success.

Ethos can conduct a wide range of diagnostic and specialised assessments.

  • Psychoeducational Assessment
  • Autism (ASD) Assessment
  • ADHD Assessment
  • Cognitive Profile Assessment
  • Gifted Assessment
  • Infant Assessment

All of our work begins with the Getting to Know Me  initial consultation. We meet with parents to build up a picture of the child and their background. We also meet with the child us get to know them. If an assessment is indicated, we arrange an observation of the child at school and get to know the teacher’s concerns and support thoughts. Once the assessment is complete, we share the report and recommendations with the school and help develop a support plan.

Understand Me

Not everyone has access to specialist services, nor can they call on them every time a new challenge arises, therefore we aim to help educational professionals become informed decision makers through Ethos Understand Me training programmes.

By developing greater understanding of each child and why things might be happening, educational professionals are in a better position to choose more effective evidence based strategies to support them.

Courses are focused on practical application of the information we provide and use a combination of online and direct instruction with supervision, observation and feedback sessions.

The Understand Me and Support Me programmes are aimed at teachers and the Teach Me  programme is aimed at teaching assistants.

Include Me

All children should have the opportunity to gain an education. Ethos Include Me programmes helps schools ensure that their policies, procedures and practices are inclusive and support all children in their learning and development.

Ethos provides consulting services to individual schools that want to move towards being inclusive by training staff, developing more effective practices and enhancing collaboration between school, parents and specialists.

Admit Me provides training to admissions staff to help them understand different development and learning needs and the support that they require in the classroom. This ensures that families and schools can make the best choices about a child’s educational placement..

Ethos provides trained School Success Assistants for children who require fulltime support in the classroom. We oversee the child’s programme and facilitate their participation in all aspects of the school day.

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