Raising a child can be both exciting and challenging. Whether your child is facing challenges or their development is following a predictable sequence, the team at Ethos is committed to supporting their development.

Ethos applies specialist approaches and techniques to maximise your child’s engagement, achievement and independence in all activities, including those at school, play, leisure and self-care. Our team has a range of areas of expertise and these different perspectives enable us to choose the most effective ways to support your child. With an expert understanding of child development and conditions, our team of specialists analyse why a child may be struggling to carry out specific tasks or engaging in particular behaviours and then devise an individual support plan to address these concerns.

We understand that your child’s progress is enhanced when there is a coordinated and consistent approach to working toward a goal. A child and family centred approach, based on a strong partnership between parents, caregivers and your child’s education provider is at the core of our support programmes. Our collaborative approach aims to ‘up skill’ the people that surround and support your child in their daily life to ensure that they have the knowledge and skills to maximise your child’s progress.

Ethics are at the heart of our vocation as professionals. As a conscientious and creative thinking practice we strive to present our families with all of the options, so that they can make a choice about their child’s care. We are proud of our reputation for building long lasting and trusted relationships with the families and educational providers we work with.

Together, we can support your child’s development.


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